Majid Jordan “Forever”

OVO continues its takeover of the month of July with the upcoming debut EP from singer/producer duo Majid Jordan. Many of us were first introduced to Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman on “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and then to said upcoming EP, A Place Like This, with the title track and (amazing) music video earlier this month.

Now, with the 5-track EP set to drop Tuesday, July 22nd UPDATE: It was, until Majid released it on the 17th, I have another preview to get ya amped — the project’s first track “Forever”. If you’ve heard “A Place Like This”, you may expect a dark mood on this track, but instead, we’re greeted with a smooth, upbeat vibe that Majid reigns in with, “Can’t stop the way that you make me feeeelll, something about this just feels so reaaaalll..” I’m immediately resonating with the lyrics, the delivery, and the hybrid of emotions that the sound creates. It’s like a mix of feel good vibes with a reflective yearning — a hard combo to pinpoint and execute well, yet that’s just what Majid Jordan did. A great way to introduce new listeners to their first project, huh?

*Tibs Fav.

*light bulb* New thought: can’t you see this playing in a hip, high-end fashion store? Or art gallery? Need to hear this there.

ICYMI: Majid Jordan “A Place Like This” [Music Video]

UPDATE: The full EP is available now. Listen and read our full-length review.