Marcus Shadden “Beat Lover’s Pizza Vol. 2”

Who doesn’t love pizza?!

Here it is in a 40 minute mix form via one of our favorite DJs, Marcus Shadden.

Last week, I spotlighted his latest uptempo R&B mix (another must-DL) and this week we have a bunch of feel-good club hits that Marcus says is “to promote the new Gwen Stefani track ” Spark the Fire” produced by Pharrell. This is how we partyin on the west coast! All types of music, new and old, good vibes only.”

There ya have it. Look him up in L.A. for a guaranteed good time as you groove to another of his mixes below.

*My favorite subtle moments: Fab’s remix of “Who Do You Love” (haven’t heard that in awhile) and N*E*R*D’s “All the girls on the floor in the line for the bathroom” being used as a transition. Slick.

Oh, and one that wasn’t so subtle… but worth it when you get there at the end: “You Rock My World”. Nuff said!

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