Mickey Factz “Me And My Paintbrush”

Mickey Factz‘ long awaited Achievement is upon us and as we wait for the project to impact in full, he can’t wait to let us hear what’s actually become a throwaway track. He explains:

I recorded this in Colorado Springs in September. I was going to use this as a track for The Achievement featuring Blu, but decided to let the people get it for free. I may add newer verses on it and still get Blu on it. Who knows. I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, I am putting this out for my Achievers. Thank you. I will release a MauSe verse for the people this Wednesday. Achieve.

On “Me And My Paintbrush”, I first appreciate Mickey’s conversational tone to the record. It feels more than talking though as Mickey flows and spits some nice lines with an engaging melody. There is definitely the open space for that aforementioned Blu verse, and the subtle switch up in the production during this period is real nice. I can see a lot of rappers killin’ this part. Hopefully another version of this *Tibs Fav. comes out for us Achievers.

And to further prove that the MauSe return is imminent, here’s Mickey’s new Instagram this afternoon with the awesome caption of “I love sequels.” I think I’ll love this one, that’s for sure.