Mint Lab Astronauts “Conquest”

NEW M.L.A. and I’d put it in the top tier of their furious set of new releases these past few weeks. “Conquest” is a fun, well-produced track that’ll translate perfectly to their energetic live set. I can instantly see the chorus gettin’ everyone rapping along with their hands up, especially the clever way played off the lines from Kanye’s “Good Life”.

As for the verses, the beat switches up for them and both j.pak and do their thing. I’d say I enjoyed j.pak’s fast flow from beginning to end overall with delivering the best concluding punch line,

Fuck your power moves, we making quantum leaps!

*Tibs Fav.


Oh, and to top it all off, we go back to the beginning. incorporates an underrated Happy Gilmore quote in the production. Keep your ears peeled for that, haa!


But wait, that’s not all! I caught this on the duo’s Facebook page a couple days ago: a hip hop dance choreography video to one of their new releases “Learn Today”. First off, I think choreography videos are really cool. It’s part of our Filipino culture, amongst many others’. Secondly, I wouldn’t have guessed that “Learn Today” can be choreographed too, but alas, the creativity of dance is on display. The jazzy jam gets some pretty awesome moves for lines like “Astronauts.. blasting off!” so press play below and give the quick-hit video a look-see too — shouts to J-Swag Choreography.