Mint Lab Astronauts “Hubcap”

The Chicago duo keeps the strong new songs comin’ as “Hubcap” is the latest ear-grabber with one of’s deadliest beats yet guaranteed to reel in any casual listener. I’m not even sure how to describe it fully — it contains an addicting sample that becomes melodic, some complimentary snares, and more surprises to come that make it an absolute fresh sound. puts down the fast flow first with j.pak following with a long verse that features less of a continuous flow that I’ve become accustomed to from him. Both do their thing and as a result, “Hubcap” is one of the top-tier new jams from Mint Lab Astronauts that I’m really rocking with.

*Tibs Fav. 


ICYMI: SAM “Tonight ( Remix)”

If you catch this at posting time, join myself and the team rockin with M.L.A. live tonight at Sub-T as they open for Bas (J. Cole)!