Mr. Hudson “Dancing Thru It”

Fresh off his reunion with Kanye West at the 808s shows in L.A. (and working on Duran Duran’s new album), Mr. Hudson is back with a brand new single! There’s no Kanye involved here and that’s just fine. In fact, Hudson self-produces “Dancing Thru It” below.

The midtempo beat, combined with Hudson’s well-balanced autotuned vocals and dark, personal lyrics have all made for instant repeat status. The story is an intriguing one to follow too, which is just refreshing in itself. Mr. Hudson’s solo album felt a little slept on a few years ago and I’m hoping for more of the same quality to come on what’s surely to be a new project soon. “Dancing Thru It” effectively leaves me yearning for more.

*Tibs Fav.

Sidebar: the ingredients are here for an uptempo club remix. The “Dancing Thru It” line on the hook would be particularly addicting. As it stands now though, I actually imagine scenes where Mr. Hudson is moving at normal speed in an environment that’s moving in slow motion: for example, a crowded club. I dunno, that’s just me. But I’m hopeful for a cool visual however it plays out…

h/t P&P