Nylo “Life’s a Bitch (Nas Cover)”

Wait, a singer covering Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch”?!

Yup, and it really works as Nylo returns with her first new release after making a name for herself with her debut, Indigo Summer, over a year ago. Nylo, originally from Chicago and now out in L.A. last seen hanging out with the Artium crew today, actually has ties to Nas through mutual management so I feel like Nas definitely approves, if he liked “Someone Like You”.

That’s not what this is about though as Nylo flat out puts a really fresh take on a rap song that you previously couldn’t imagine as anything else, let alone with female vocals singing it. I really want to play this in a room full of crowded people and see if anyone notices. Guaranteed positive, surprised reaction.

*Tibs Fav.