Pavy f/ Thomas Mac “Father Forgive Me”

Father forgive me is a record about some of the things us young people struggle with while we still try to keep and hold up our faith but at the same time be “young” & walk the line and having fun and do what we want to at the same time, and understanding that you may not live correctly at the moment because it’s just certain things that are to tempting to give up at the moment

Pavy‘s words above preface the song better than I could. What I can add is that: I like it. Simple as that, too. Because Pavy recognizes his flaws and immaturities, it’s actually pretty mature. I thought he delivered the message above really well in some easy-to-follow and relatable rhymes, touching on a few life examples along the way. Taking this song to another level is a smooth hook from singer Thomas Mac. His wavy flow balances out the raps perfectly as the production from Coop also acts as a nice compliment. Good stuff all around as Pavy preps his new project, with a Paris Beuller produced track to come next…

*Tibs Fav.