Phony Ppl “You Rock My World (Cover)”

“You Rock My World” is in the top-tier of my all-time MJ songs. I just love the beat, rhythm, energy. It’s fun to parallel with the lyrics or watch the video with Chris Tucker.

So it would take a lot for me to get impressed about a cover of this song, but that’s just what buzzing upcoming artist Phony Ppl did below.

It’s a 6 minute version, which is already unique, so it features a lot of time for the instrumental to shine. I love all the electric guitar, for instance. The vocals are on point too, stepping up another level by the hook. So if it’s a fresh remix you’re for, look no further than here.

Spice up the summer with this new rendition off the upcoming Phony Ppl album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

*Tibs Fav.