POLO & Vacant “wound”

This one is perfect for an epic scene in a movie. Feels like an eerie build-up for preparing for the last action scene. “wound” is a new soundscape created by POLO & Vacant that I had an excellent first experience with. I pressed play, multitasked to another tab, forgot what I had going then had a ‘whoa!’ moment about a fourth of the way through. Follow suit, but maybe maintain attention for the whole time unlike me. If your mind does wander though, I’m pretty sure the booming effects of the production will bring ya back in.

*Tibs Fav.

Exploring POLO’s Soundcloud, you also see this new song called “Billionaire”, in which he chops up Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire” into a similar cinematic sound. I didn’t like this one as much, but perhaps it’s the Bruno vocals that holds me back a little bit. The only info out on POLO is that he lives “on a small island in the Pacific Ocean” but his Soundcloud location claims Ibiza. Hat tip to P&P for more info and a few quotes from the mysterious artist. Intrigued to find out more as well.