Purity Ring “Begin Again”

A new Purity Ring album is finally upon us!

It’s been since 2012′s Shrines since the duo’s debut album, and today, Another Eternity is announced for a March 3rd release. Accompanying the good news is a track that’s much better than good — “Begin Again”.

Powerful synths and melodies create that dark, cinematic feel PR fans should be accustomed to by now. My favorite part of the production is the pulsating sounds on the hook. It’s not only fun to ride with that wave but also the ambiguous lyrics that take deeper meaning upon further digestion. Press play and scroll below to follow along. Already on repeat status for me.

*Tibs Fav.

Also released: the 10 track names + a bonus new live performance of “Fineshrine”.

01 heartsigh
02 bodyache
03 push pull
04 repetition
05 stranger than earth
06 begin again
07 dust hymn
08 flood on the floor
09 sea castle
10 stillness in woe