RDGLDGRN “Elevators”

Let’s see some #Elevators!

Guarantee that’ll be stuck in your head after one listen to RDGLDGRN’s new single “Elevators” — the 1st and title track to their upcoming EP. The per usual feel good vibes come across once again below in a song that’ll translate even better live as well. I can just imagine jumping up and down to this one with the chorus a perfect fit for crowd interaction. Even the pre-chorus about not getting stressed out. After all, “work is only hard when it’s not what you need.” That said, enjoy this one in your rotation below.

*Tibs Fav. (Dope artwork by Green himself also)

Also catch RDGLDGRN on this year’s annual 311 Cruise. They go from Miami to Jamaica and tropical places in between for 1 week in what sounds like a great performance/party. If you’re looking to book a cruise to escape winter for a time, I’d suggest starting here. (Plus, 311?! That’s one of my favorite childhood alternative bands. #FunFact)

h/t Hypetrak