Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney “FourFiveSeconds”

Here’s a working stream so first and foremost, press play below.

Rihanna surprise releases “FourFiveSeconds” which results in her and Kanye singing over an acoustic backdrop provided by Paul McCartney. (Do the kids know who he is yet? I look forward to the young Rihanna fans who say McCartney is gonna blow up.)

Anyway, I feel like there’s immediate hit potential with not only these artists together but the universal relatability of the song itself, and on the hook especially. Rihanna essentially sings about overcoming the day, feeling on the brink with so much left ahead. She’s four, five, seconds from wilin’ but it’s delivered in more of blues fashion than an angry tone that the lyrics may suggest.

The end of Kanye’s four bar first verse supports that, “Hold me back I’m about to spaz”. Couldn’t help but think of Jalen Rose saying hold me back though, ha! In all seriousness though, anyone out there can channel a time where they felt this way or they felt that their kindness is being taken for weakness — another recurring lyric sung by both Rihanna and Kanye.

Though the slow, yet beautiful pace isn’t quite the modern fit for radio, I can imagine “FourFiveSeconds” being a refreshing break that fans of all ages will at least appreciate when it comes on your local top 40 station. I’d tune in too and have run it back a few times tonight already. “FourFiveSeconds” will definitely click when the mood’s right and I appreciate its overall vibe, especially on the heels of Kanye & Paul’s “Only One”.

What do you guys think? Let us know here.