S-Preme “Righteous” (prod. Mr. Music)

Bitches in the back lookin’ righteous…

The Biggie fans out there will immediately recognize the words above from “Party & Bullshit”. In 2014, we see it brilliantly flipped for a new age party single by upcoming Chicago artists  S-Preme & Mr. Music.

“Righteous” is a new type of club banger because it’s hip hop/trap exterior is bolstered by an EDM breakdown. The Biggie sample alone will reel in first-time listeners and establish that raw hip hop feel. This successful merger of genres, crafted by Mr. Music, and a variety of memorable lines from S-Preme gives this repeat-heavy record even more staying power. Looking ahead, “Righteous” is the rightful kickoff for the upcoming album and a sense of the many sides of S-Preme to unfold on the project.


Artist: S-Preme   |   Producer: Mr. Music   |   Artwork: Jeff Cole (of Melin Brand)


Why… the video of course! I’ll save my extended thoughts on the “Righteous” video when it drops, but we got the early preview and it’s easily one of the standout visuals I’ve seen from anybody to drop in recent memory. I’m looking forward to you all seeing it too. For now, you can preview the video on S-Preme’s IG (below) and Vine (@SPreme). The countdown to the video’s release is on S-Preme’s all-new, very innovative site: s-preme.com.

Originally posted: 01.13.14 | 11:37pm