Selah the Corner f/ Gemstones & Redd Lettaz “Quarter Quell”

This song has everything. “Quarter Quell” is a new collab from Selah The Corner featuring one of my favorite artists (of any artists) Gemstones and Redd Lettaz. You have Mpax behind the boards, first delivering a momentous and menacing production that makes me feel like I’m going to war. And in a variety of ways, that’s part of the message here.

You see, Mpax also samples a chilling female PA announcement voice that delivers Hunger Games style intros to each verse and adds to the monumental mood. Gemstones delivers not 1, but 2 verses about, well, the real-life Hunger Games he sees — the survival of the fittest world while also professing faith in “Jesus is the only way to heaven.” The way he kicks off that first verse though is delivered with such a smooth flow given the intricate diction he chose. Mad impressive.

The third verse belongs to Redd Lettaz, who, from Chicago as well, maintains the song’s edge and puts down some thought-provoking lyricism too. As much as I’m familiar with Gemstones’ work (he’s why I tuned in, after all), I vibe with Redd Lettaz’ contribution too and I wouldn’t be on my 3rd listen already if he didn’t bring it too. I could keep going, but at this point you have to press play and download for free.

*Tibs Fav.

The one critique I have on the record is that I wish the lady PA announcer came back for some sort of fade out — it just kind of ends with Redd Lettaz last few bars. Though I should also note that I have the perfect song to listen to right after “Quarter Quell”, and it came on naturally in the shuffle right after — Muse’s “The 2nd Law: Isolated System”, a.k.a. the intro track to Brad Pitt’s World War Z movie. It’s on the same vibe as “Quarter Quell” above.