Stan Sono “Need It”

Here’s one of the most cutting edge, futuristic R&B singles out, and, if you’ve been reading on these pages, it comes from one of our favorite artists highlighted on Gowhere — Stan Sono.

First, the production. Its melody is booming, bouncy, and infectious, which Stan cultivated with co-producer Eddie Supanova — also from the CHI, and also very dope overall. In fact, I guarantee the beat, combined with the just as powerful hook, will get stuck in your head this weekend.

…And perhaps in the bedroom. Stan takes it up a notch to a dark, and moody setting that’s a next-level vibe for you and your lady. It starts with the hook and the beat, but Stan also rips it with a great pace and delivery on each of his verses — ending both of them fluidly too. Finally, stay tuned through the end as the unique bridge and outro goes just as well with the song. And then you’ll definitely want to bring it all back to the beginning. Even, dare I say, “Rewind”.

(Aight, no more puns. Just listen first.)


BONUS: Stan got the good premiere through VIBE Magazine today, which is accompanied by an excellent, in-depth Q&A that further uncovers Stan’s early inspirations (The-Dream & Eminem), vocal and production process, and even the business end with Will of Taylor Gang. There was even this quote, citing our own Maks G’s brilliant characterization years ago.

How would you describe your vocal texture, an how do you classify yourself as a vocalist?
My boy Maks G used to say I sound like a “majestic whale.” He would say I have an angelic voice that’s comforting and soothing. I’d have to say my vocal textures vary and have a lot of range. I like to mix it up. I record myself 99% of the time and mix my vocals up until the final mix when E. Dan goes in. But I’m really big on vocal production and vibes and just an overall sound — that’s regal and grand.

Stan also mentions that “Need It” has been in the works for a couple years now, so I think it’s safe for me to add that I’ve heard the previews along the way and whew, this is just one of my favorite all-time songs from Stan Sono to come on Infatuated — the EP currently slated for release next month.

Where do you see “Need It” going as a single? Do you think this could be your breakout hit?
That’s a great question. Funny you ask that because I was just thinking how “Need It” was originally supposed to be the first single. Eddie Supanova and I began working on that record in 2014. I’ve always been told my music and production is ahead of its time. Like it forces you to listen it all the way through the end. The last minute and a half is my favorite. I believe my team would agree when I say I have more “breakout hit” material coming sooner than you know.

FINALLY: Be sure to check out our own interview with Stan Sono — a 30 minute Gowhere You Love Podcast — where we get to know more of the music and personable side of Stan. I bet you’re curious to just hear his talking voice too. Ha! Give us a listen here:

Gowhere You Love Podcast (Ep. 8) — Stan Sono