Stan Sono “Rewind”

Stan Sono is the next big singer to come out of Chicago.

Point blank, period. Callin’ it now on his debut single “Rewind”.

“Rewind” is a perfect song for any fella courting a lady first and foremost. You better believe it plays off of the idea of “Rewind” and I’ll at least spare you the puns until the upcoming music video for this powerful single.

I emphasize powerful when it comes to the hook (guaranteed it’s stuck in your head the next time you’re in silence) and the sound, as Sono produces this with another talented Chicago beatsmith Eddie Supanova and Wiz Khalifa collaborator I.D. Labs. Stan’s vocals really stand out too in a genre where one singer to the next may sound the same.

And to think, Stan Sono is the same talented singer and producer who’s been responsible for most of Goodbye Tomorrow‘s production in the past two years. That speaks to his all-around versatility that’ll be further on display when the full debut album, Infatuated, premieres in time for Valentine’s Day on February 3rd. There will be more releases on the vibe of “Rewind” in between, including said video that’ll make you think of the single differently. Until then, listen below (Complex with the premiere) and then you’ll get to know more about Stan Sono in our upcoming episode of the Gowhere You Love Podcast.


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