Tears For Fears “Shout (Unlike Pluto Remix)”

I stumbled upon this on Soundcloud as the next song that autoplayed after the Childish Gambino “3005” remix that I posted earlier this afternoon.

It’s nothing like Gambino, so don’t get it twisted. But I obviously wouldn’t be posting it if it hadn’t resonated. Unlike Pluto provides a big sound to the already big vocals from Tears For Fears on this single “Shout”. The song’s texture is really polished and I’ll keep it at that to save some of the surprise that pops up throughout the track. Conceptually, I love the liberating feel from the lyrics — it’s a great song to vibe with to kill the stress and unwanted thoughts of the day so indulge and download like myself below.

*Tibs Fav.

BONUS: A quick look at Unlike Pluto’s twitter reveals his most recent track that has a more direct hip hop flavor. Mike Stud’s “Closer” gets a remix too.

Also… this tweet is the truth.