The Roots f/ Raheem DeVaughn “Tomorrow”

Three words: New Roots single. Yup, I’m attentive as well.

“Tomorrow” is the latest, and second, preview of The Roots’ upcoming album, And Then You Shot Your Cousin, and it features Raheem DeVaughn singing all of the song’s vocals over a minimalistic production. Simple snares, simple piano keystrokes, and a soulful output from Raheem.

Although all of the above sounds like it would connect with me, “Tomorrow” didn’t quite do so. The minimalism didn’t have the ‘less is more’ impact on me, as much as the, ‘this is kind of boring’ consequence. It was only when the piano kicked in for the outro that I felt an extra level of energy. Plus, the overdose of reverb contributed to its predictability by the 3 minute mark. Perhaps it’ll grow on me, but I’m moreso looking forward to how the next preview of the album will differ. And Then… drops May 19th.