Tyler, The Creator’s Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two)

Giving us a new track or cover should I say, Tyler, The Creator’s Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two) is an appreciation piece and by “appreciation” I am literally saying “I don’t know how the fuck to describe this”. Originally a cover of the 19th century song of the same name, Tyler, The Creator put his typical weird spin on well…just about everything.

It’s almost as if his cover was inspired by his chance meeting with the original Willy Wonka (1971 version not Johnny Depp’s dumbass) at some hole in the wall sandwich shop. And after inhaling coco butter and swapping stories about roadside bum wars, they decided to put a spin on the classic tune. Tyler wouldn’t be Tyler if he didn’t at least creep us out at least once.

Yet there is something endearing about this song. Take note of the roaring trumpets, the Willy Wonka ish narrative, and the quick beats. The way he blends all these sounds together to create this creepy, child-like tone of romance (it’s the trumpets y’all) actually makes this song GOOD. Yes, this track is fucking weird and doesn’t hold strong verses. And yes, it evokes sus ass feelings like those questionable vibes you get when you don’t know if that socially awkward guy at work is actually a cool guy or really coming through at midnight and smelling your desk chair. But that is the beauty of Tyler, The Creator!

He likes being that dude in the industry. He likes being that weird creepy guy who smells other people’s stank ass work chairs and making a track about it. And you know what? I love Daisy Bell for that reason. This dude makes music for himself and Daisy Bell is one of many examples of how we are merely spectators to his weird world. Not only is he a master at crafting emotion (weird feelings or not), his music actually stresses you to use your imagination.

As I fall into the world of my blankets, I leave you with one last thing…Choncho.



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