YP f/ Twista “Stop”

Chi-City connect as YP grabs Twista for their first-ever collab called “Stop”. To set the tone for it, YP ups his speed to match Twista’s — stepping outside of his comfort zone with the majority of his songs featuring a slower, more deliberate delivery. But hey, when you got the Guiness record-setting legend on the track! Twista doesn’t disappoint with his flow and spits an equally long verse; however, if I’m handing out a crown for lyricism, I gotta go with YP on this one. After getting used to his delivery in the first set of bars, YP dropped a flawless Muggsy Bogues punchline and it was a wrap. Enjoy below with a new mixtape and music video on the way next, on top of the launch of YP’s new site: backwoodjones.com.