1990 Kanye West recites MLK poem

How about this for a cool throwback? A rare video from the depths of YouTube that Mrs. West unearthed a little belatedly for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. No big on the timing, because stuff like this is pretty timeless.

A 12-year old Kanye West, firmly in middle school in 1990, delivered the following poem to the student body and shows the confidence we characterize him by today in delivering it. Even how he says, “This is Kanye West.” Watch above and read the poem below.

A man who fought for freedom/A man who fought for equality/Those who were against him/Were too blind to see/What this man was fighting for/So Blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Asians could put their foot in the door/Yes, we know that this man is great/That’s why today we celebrate/Everyone lifts their voice and sing/For a man who wanted freedom to ring/Martin Luther King is who I’m speaking of/A man whose name means love.