Alicia Keys “Illusion of Bliss” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Here’s the best thing you’ll see today.

Alicia Keys took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage last night to perform a song from her new album, Here, and the pick was magnificent: “Illusion of Bliss”. Watch how emotional Alicia gets as the song progresses. She really found her zone and this is a reminder that she has always been an elite performer. I love everything about the apex of the song here, as well as how Alicia takes it home. Stirring stuff so if there’s one video to give a few minutes to today, make it this one.

There’s more!

Alicia sat down on the couch prior to the performance and shared just how her 5-year old son Egypt’s co-production appearance happened on Kendrick Lamar’s last album. Seriously, this is legit and so cool — they play the clip in the studio. What a genius already (which makes sense given his parents, right?)

After one more clip from Alicia’s interview, watch part of Kerry Washington’s interview where she reflects on knowing Alicia Keys from the 2007 music video she starred and directed… with Common!

Do you remember this one? “I Want You” — one of the standouts from Finding Forever, starred both Kerry and Alicia as Common’s love interests and also had cameos from Kanye West, Serena Williams, and Mos Def. It’s a slick and sexy video too and I enjoyed reliving this one today… nearly 10 years after its original release! Enjoy down below as well.