Big Sean’s story of “No Favors” with Eminem + the “I Wonder” live Kanye cover

We’ve now had a full weekend or so to let I Decided. settle in and though I’m still personally vibing with the album overall, the one conclusion I can make is that “No Favors” is awesome.

Not only Eminem’s hellacious feature verse, but Sean puttin’ it down with a long set of bars that I think flows even better than Em.

Naturally, with Eminem’s mysterious, hidden status, I’m pretty curious how his rare collabs come together. There’s the obvious D-Town connection and previous work between the two in previous years, but for “No Favors” specifically, Big Sean describes below with Angie Martinez.

“I hit up him and Paul [Rosenberg] and Royce. I hit em all up at the same time. I got this song, I sent it to them, and then Em hit me back and was like, ‘Yo, this song crazy, I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it in the time frame you need it, though.’ Obviously, he’s busy doin his thing. He was talking about ‘you one of the most dangerous emcees,’ I just thought he was letting me down easy. Two weeks later I woke up, we was puttin the final touches on the album, he sent a verse through just outta nowhere.”

Pretty awesome. And thanks Em, the world needed a reminder.

BONUS: Big Sean’s media tour also led him to the 1Xtra Live Lounge, where artists tend to do some experimenting. Here, he covers one of my all-time favorite Kanye songs “I Wonder”. Sean and Kanye’s voices are unique in their own right so it’s not quite the power I’m used to with Kanye’s OG version, but it’s a cool pick to hear Sean put a twist on it. “Bounce Back” below too.