Boogie “Bitter Raps”

This is hands down some of the greatest material to come out as of late. Much like Boogie talks about, today’s rap game is really full of a lot sound-alike rappers. It’s like all these rappers are old news without even coming out yet. Crazy right? But I commend the talented individuals like Boogie here who not only preach but practice creativity. Be you, and quit tryna sound like what you think is “hot” because in actuality, it’s really not. Hip Hop music heads, listeners, appreciators, whatever…do yourself a favor and get in tune with a Boogie, a real MC. Enjoy his video for “Bitter Raps” above and stream his latest collection ‘Thirst 48‘ below. Shouts to factmag.

‘Bitter Raps’ is the centerpiece of the promising newcomer’s debut mixtape, ‘Thirst 48’. Boogie emerged earlier this year with Thirst 48, a stunning debut in the Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City tradition. The tape’s highlight is ‘Bitter Raps’, a laidback list of complaints that targets social media, sound-alike rappers and the potholes of daily life; in kind, the song’s video is a gorgeously-shot collection of hood flick footage.