Boyz II Men on HIMYM

On last night’s How I Met Your Mother, we saw about as unexpected of a cameo as you can get: Boyz II Men!

The context: the newest, epic chapter in the series-long “Slap Bet” episodes as Marshall (Jason Segal) owes Barney (Neil Patrick-Harris) another slap (with one final one now remaining). The episode culminates with this 1 minute 30 second rendition of “You Just Got Slapped” — a song where Jason Segal tapped into his Forgetting Sarah Marshall Dracula musical a few years ago for equally hilarious results.

Now, Boyz II Men serenades the ridiculous lyrics of the song for a remix, as the cast acts as background dancers (nice touch) with Barney sitting solemnly post-slap. I’m a fan of HIMYM, and a fan of Boyz II Men, so for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this.