Chris Brown f/ Ariana Grande “Don’t Be Gone Too Long”

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande are quite the combination. You can take that a lot of ways after watching the new video for “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” below. I don’t see the combo as a couple, as the video depicts them; rather, a combo for a #1 hit single. The way Ariana’s topping the charts right now with My Everything hitting #1, the season premiere SNL musical guest on lock, and combine that with Breezy’s loyal (no pun intended) fanbase and you got the ingredients. It doesn’t hurt that the song is interesting enough with a cinematic, Game of Thrones inspired video now to boot. Is it GoT inspired? I don’t know because I’m in the minority that doesn’t watch the show, but it’s got the same feel to me. Let me know if I’m off base by watching for yourself below.

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