Chris Brown “Don’t Be Gone Too Long”

Just when I said earlier today that one-take videos are a rarity when Childish Gambino released “Sweatpants”, Chris Brown releases his own one-take video above. Ha! When it rains it pours, is the saying.

“Don’t Be Gone Too Long” is a preview of his upcoming collaboration with starlet singer Ariana Grande for his delayed upcoming album, X. You can hear snippets of her and Brown’s vocals, but it’s mainly the production that acts as the backdrop for all new Chris Brown dance moves. The choreography definitely has its moments, syncing with the lyrics perfectly. The silhouette is a nice composition as well as I can’t help but appreciate Brown’s dancing ability. My one complaint: although I haven’t seen it like this before, the purposely shaky camera wasn’t doin’ it for me. More to come on this record as this is clearly just a first teaser of what’s to come.