D’Angelo’s Prince tribute on Jimmy Fallon

Oh wow, the feels.

This was so soulful, touching, delicate, and perfect. D’Angelo, with the help of Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum’s cover band, Princess, covers “Sometimes It Snows In April”. D’Angelo’s high, sometimes scratchy voice, is perfect for the tone and lyrics of the slow jam Prince song. It’s one of those priceless mergers in music where a tribute is so fitting, sad, yet wonderfully in memoriam. Just sit back and listen to the lyrics and the perfect pace to go along with it. 🙁

To end on a lighter note, were you as surprised as I that Maya Rudolph was singing? Her and Gretchen Lieberum’s efforts should not go unappreciated. Their vocals were the perfect compliment on the hook and across the song. I guess I gotta check out more Princess now, huh?