Diamondstein “Nat Sherman Arpeggiator”

I stumbled on this new song/visual from Diamondstein via a Goodbye Tomorrow tweet and was blown away by the performance art above on “Nat Sherman Arpeggiator”. It’s set to an epic soundscape from Diamondstein that I can see in an edgy, futuristic movie (like a TRON: Legacy, in fact.) It’s sudden, jagged change of directions are mimicked in the movements from the female lead and further shown wonderfully with a bunch of close-up shots. The greyscale adds a dynamic too.

Then when the visual effects from the smoke comes, the video itself takes some unique twists. Needless to say, give this a listen/viewing.

(NSFW I would say because I felt awkward watching this in a coffee shop, ha!)

*Tibs Fav.