Drake on SNL

Drake just got off the stage on SNL and he was all over the show as host and musical guest. The skits are above and the performances below.

Drake’s monologue breaks into song where we see him sing about being a MEME. Other than the Rihanna part, I enjoyed him making fun of himself.

It turned out this was a theme of many of the sketches. Even the ones that were pretty funny had some lame moments that semi-ruined the sketches. “Black Jeopardy” and Drake revisiting the “Back 2 Back” beat in the “Beef” sketch were both pretty solid though. Plus, Jay Pharoah steals, perhaps the whole show, with a series of rapper impersonations (Nicki’s almost made me spit my drink out, ha!)

Below, the performances: “One Dance” and “Hype” to be specific. I would have predicted “Too Good” with Rihanna but I didn’t look up her tour schedule until now (she’s in Austin, TX).

“One Dance” kind of fell flat; I felt Drake’s delivery lacked an extra pop and perhaps it was the dark stage/lighting, though very cool, that kind of muted the energy.

“Hype” was the better of the two performances as Drake legit spit the entire song and got the delivery on point in this one. To me, this was one of the above average tracks on Views, but not in my top tier. I think I’ll be seeking it out more now. Any favorite moments from #DrakeOnSNL tonight? Tweet us.