Dru & Wheatie “Time”

Today is one of those days in the Chi that you wish it was Summertime Chi. This new record from Chicago artists Dru & Wheatie will only add to that wish. The former makes his GWHH-debut with this production that’ll instantly transport you to North Ave. beach and sets the tone for Wheatie to spit some really slick rhymes to tell the story of kickin’ game to that new girl you’re pursuing. C’mon fellas, you know you can relate to that. The additional vocals from Kelsey Quinn that contribute to the chorus are key in giving “Time” some replay value (one of my favorite elements of the track too) and big-time Chicago director DGainz gives Wheatie and his leading lady a nice hometown backdrop for the story to play out before our eyes. All in all, a quality job by all parties involved and a *Tibs Fav. that I’ve been running back in my rotation this weekend. Off Wheatie’s upcoming mixtape, Shame Shame.

Lastly, a shoutout to Dru, who’s actually an old friend I’ve hooped it up with since elementary school days (waaay back). But any bias aside, his work here on “Time”  is a real smooth jam with nice subtleties if you keep your ears close. Good to see him on the new production path!