Fatkidsbrotha “Magic” Ft. Miloh Smith

Okay I got a dope one for you guys today.  So recently I have been really into this Atlanta rap collective called Two-9.  I’ve heard them compared to Wutang in a way because of the way they are rebelling and how they pretty much do whatever they want without anyones say.  A duo in Two-9 is Fatkidsbrotha, consisting of LIGHTSKINMAC11 and Dave.  To be quite honest this whole Two-9 movement is my favorite to see come up, I have really been into their music and what they are doing.  Fatkidsbrotha is such a dope duo, they sound very fitting to the Atlanta hip hop scene, they bring their own style, for example, along with the Tw0-9 clothing line they promote Bape and Fuct in every video alone with OriginalFani.  Their whole image is so dope.  October of 2013 they dropped “Magic” Ft. Miloh Smith, with one of the dopest hooks I have heard in a while, Miloh absolutely killed it, her sound is so dope and the rhyme scheme was really nice.  LighskinMac11 straight up killed the first verse, it is one of my personal favorite verses right now.  He has a dope flow with just an all around dope sound, he really loves his city and makes it clear where he’s from.  Daveis just all around dope, you can tell he is a cool dude and can rap his ass off.  He’s a fan of the old school hip hop, such as Nas, Wutang, and even old Nelly.  I can tell his influences are a big part of his sound. I have a lot more to post from all of Two-9, stay posted on these guys.