Goodbye Tomorrow “Light One, Pour One”

Goodbye Tomorrow is back to elevate the visual game once again. Above, the Chicago group provides a new inside look at their recently wrapped 3-city tour and at the same time shine some light on what’s arguably the most personal track on their debut project, A Journey Through the Mind of a Non-Believer.

“Light One, Pour One” stands out for its storytelling lyricism, and now for the visuals that cleverly merge music video and tour recap into one. Hence the real title: “l1p1(live beta)”.

The tour recap elevates the engagement of an already eye-catching show, especially considering that these guys stay anonymous while performing live. Visuals are projected on a box/screen in front of the trio of members bringing the music to life. The behind the scenes cuts from the tour give you somewhat of a glimpse at the group, but that still leaves nothing too distinct. They peel the curtain back just enough. In their own words…

this footage represents the core concept of the live show, which is to say that no matter where you go you can’t escape your own self imposed limitations. the box/screen we’re trying to escape is also the only means of escape. it’s a constant battle for self awareness.

If you recall, we were in attendance in Chicago and I wrote on the whole experience of the Goodbye Tomorrow show here. If you’re this far down the page now, you’ll want to check out my more detailed thoughts too. For the video above, we also contributed, in collaboration with Invisual Media Pro, a few of the shots and cuts that made the final product that tracked their journey in L.A. and New York as well. Finally, the video lowkey doubles as the first announcement of Goodbye Tomorrow’s next EP, Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp. That’s comin’ soon and all I’ll say for now is that there’s more evolving, both sonically and visually (believe it or not) to come.





Confused by this one? Watch “JAY Z”.

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