Ibn Inglor “Cold Storm”

Chicago artist Ibn Inglor drops this new, all-red visual for “Cold Storm” from his recent New Wave mixtape. It’s the all-red that feels fresh and is certainly something different compared to the other music videos out there. As Ibn explains:

“Andre Muir (the director) went through a few edits and on the last rough draft he sent, I really liked one specific part that he did, and we both decided to go the all red route. The contrast of the imagery versus the concept of the song is what makes us love it. It’s not the typical video you’d except hearing lyrics like ‘Riding on a bike in a cold storm.”

I definitely get the concept more after reading Ibn’s explanation, but now I’m curious to see what the all-red visuals for “riding on a bike in a cold storm” would look like. It’s one to peep and see for yourself, directed/edited by Andre Muir of TEHO Media, and shot by Emmet Kilmer.

h/t Noisey