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J. Kwest f/ J. Ivy “Livstrong”

I’m a sucker for anything 8-bit animation. I just got turned onto the recent visuals from Chicago’s J. Kwest featuring J. Ivy with direction by Cam Be that not only heavily features some 8-bit fun, but uses it to tell the story of “Livstrong”. The song is for anyone who’s striving to live a good life amidst the many vices out there. I took it as a song that acknowledges the temptations and hurdles of these vices in an attempt to encourage people that they’re OK to understand they’re there, in order to propel past them.

The visuals and Nintendo sounds in the animation add a lighthearted feel to the video, but again, tells the story of J. Kwest’s raps and J. Ivy’s guest verse. Naturally, the audio/video compliment each other wonderfully, per usual with any Camovement that’s out. Give it a look-see above.

*Tibs Fav.

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