Jean Watts “Spirit Animal”

“Spirit Animal” is the first single and video reveal for Jean Watts‘ music debut…

And wow, it slayed on every level!

She and this record have commercial success written all over it. Off first listen, the song is ultimately catchy in the best possible way, making you want to get up and dance. Or create something. A revolution maybe? Or some great art. Basically what I’m saying is that it’s motivating, powerful, and energizing. Very positive, very upbeat.

Everything in the video adds to the songs ability to energize you. Jean dances her A$$ off throughout, in the most bada$$ way possible. She’s also got a crew to back her up, which adds to the bold Hip Hop influenced dance moves. Your body language shapes who you are, and the sleek choreography of power moves, really adds another notch to the level of hype that this record delivers.

I can tell that this complete package was years in the making. Her ability to deliver the dance moves, let alone the vocals is super impressive. Not to mention the Black Panther look is all there. This tri-fecta, places her in a league that not many artists can reach. I’m excited to see what she’ll do with it all..

So what’s next? There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her debut. Is she independent or signed? Will this reach radio placement? And is there an album coming soon? Does she do interviews? lol

To conclude I fuck with the overall vibe, and find myself hitting the replay button time and time again. Hat tip to Jean – you did it.

Jean Watts Spirit Animal