Kanye West “Fade” (starring Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert)

Kanye West at the VMAs is always must-see. Tonight, no performance, but the premiere of his new video for “Fade” (and a speech down at the bottom.)

ICYMI, it stars Teyana Taylor, her hubby and NBA Champ Iman Shumpert, and Teyana Taylor’s perfect body.

It’s clearly a Flashdance inspired work that ends curiously with some shower scenes involving the couple. Like with “Famous” however, I feel that the predominant images of the video (the famous naked people and Teyana’s dancing) overshadow the deeper artistic meaning. Like, why does Teyana turn into a cat at the end? Whatever the answer is from ‘Ye or any of the fans, I just think it’ll get lost in how we remember the “Fade” video. I love the song and it’s on the short list for my favorite summer with the windows down jam, but I have other visuals associated with it (and that’s just me.) Ultimately it’s cool to see it get some more shine and a lot of tweets during tonight.

As for Kanye’s speech, he touches on a variety of subjects including the “Famous” video and what it represents, his role models, murders in Chicago, and more. Per usual, it’s fascinating and it is Kanye coming from a happy place, but I also felt he coulda said even more. I think the time limit is too much of a crunch for his points actually. Needless to say though, the speech wasn’t without its GIF and quotable moments either.