Kanye West “Quality of Life” Speech

Kanye‘s calmest stream of consciousness to date… and perhaps the most influential one to listen to.

Last night’s 20 minute speech in Montreal centered on Kanye’s aim to make life easier with his art and creations and to contribute more to society’s quality of life. I’m among ‘Ye’s biggest defenders and feel that his calm delivery and examples he gives throughout this 20 minutes is a peaceful way to communicate his “loud” ideas and mindset. In a lot of ways, this is more effective and I hope that anyone on the fence about Kanye West gives this video a fair watch.

Some of the specific topics include why he wears a mask when performing in the Yeezus Tour, saying that after 10 years, it allows him to be more free. It gives him an extra layer and renewed sense of freedom of thought and expression on stage. Kanye also describes why he had to make Yeezus and experiment out loud with the album. Case in point is not starting off with “Blood On The Leaves”, which goes against his formula of starting an album off with an engaging melody. ‘Ye literally harmonizes each of his album’s intros to prove the point (9 min.). Just before that, Kanye talks about how he never aimed for his shoes to be so limited and expensive and that he’s so happy to be working with adidas who will be doing the opposite.

And lastly, Kanye shares an idea out loud that he’s also shared to the heads of Disney and Google — to try and get someone in the position of power to support it. ‘Ye is talking about a fully submersive concert experience. Screens on the ceiling, all four sides, and even the floor of an arena with the music even louder. Someone with $$$ please support this! The thought of the floor as interactive in a concert experience is an idea I’ve heard from another artist, S-Preme in fact, and I have been wanting to see this come to fruition. Hopefully it does someday.

Once again, a must-see Kanye stream of consciousness… but this one is not because he’s turning up.

h/t Montreality