Kendrick Lamar performs at The Grammys (Video)

(This one deserves its own post. For the full update on the Grammys tonight, click here.)

Kendrick Lamar just put down one of the most chilling, powerful performances in Grammy history. He performed “Blacker The Berry” after coming out, chained up and everything, amidst a prison set. He then broke into “Alright” in front of a huge fire with African tribal dancers, and concluded the medley with an all-new song, as the CBS cameras flashed different straight on shots to match Kendrick’s breakneck delivery as he rapped about modern-day slavery. The ending was punctuated with this image that needs no words, and the performance as a whole will have people talking for a time to come.

Here’s the video of the performance to relive again and again. Much respect, Kendrick Lamar.



Thought this was dope too: