Kid Cudi & HAIM “Red Eye” @ Coachella

I feel like I’ve seen video of a lot of performances of Coachella, but not yet Kid Cudi. Sure enough, for weekend 2 a few days ago, Cudi brought out not only HAIM for “Red Eye” seen above, but also MGMT for a special performance of “Pursuit of Happiness”. Unfortunately, the fan footage doesn’t possibly do it justice, but we do get a sense of the set and energy in addition to just seeing all the artists on the stage together (a rarity, if not, a first). Enjoy!

Plus… how about this photo?

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 11.30.21 PM

Kid Cudi & HAIM @ Coachella

Kid Cudi & HAIM @ Coachella

h/t DNC