Linkin Park “Until It’s Gone”

With The Hunting Party officially less than a week away, Linkin Park releases their new video for the single “Until It’s Gone”, which stands as my favorite track on the album so far. The vintage LP mix of genres on the song now gets a vintage visual to match. Design-wise, the group drives home the greyscale minimalism of the album art with the all-greyscale visuals. Vintage LP visual because of the image overlay on the band members like in the screencap below (there’s a GIF-worthy moment on Chester’s hair to look out for).


I loved these overlays and just wish there were more to offset the generic shots of the band members performing that appeared to often. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the song at all. For those still sleeping, press play above and then stream the entire album before June 17th below.

ICYMI: Linkin Park ‘The Hunting Party’ [Album Stream]