Mega Trife “World Traveler”

Shades of a young Nas style. Here’s something a bit more on the soothing side to chill to tonight. Vibe with Me on this Mega Trife, as homie takes us on a journey through time and around the world.

Today we have an unreleased single and brand new music video from Mega Trife, in anticipation of the upcoming album ‘2095’ with producer Nonsense. “World Traveler” is a stunning visual and a concept rap in which Trife travels through the world and through time bringing you firsthand accounts of many different historical events over the heavenly string based arrangement by Cincinnati producer Notion. “I had this beat from Notion for about two years before I actually wrote the track. It was such an amazing beat all I knew is I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. I used to play the instrumental over and over and all I would see was Columbus’ ships approaching the American shore and I just built off of that vision and got the idea for the song” Trife said. ‘World Traveler’ is the first solo track we’ve heard from Trife not produced by his longtime producer Nonsense, but it is being released in anticipation of their upcoming collaborative effort ‘2095’.

2095, coming this Spring, is a 10 track concept album entirely produced by Nonsense with no guest appearances. Boston based Mega Trife says”A lot of times people approach me and say ‘I love what you guys do because it brings me back to the ’90’s. Your sound is so nostalgic’, which is good but I’m not sure if they mean just the beats, or if my flow is outdated or just the whole package. So in staying true to our sound but just defining it, ‘2095’ will feature me doing what I always do which is give you a dope flow with lyrics that are relevant to everything that is going on around you right now, which is the ’20’ part of ‘2095’, and the first 8 beats are all Nonsense beats that are 10-15 years old which represents the ’95’. The last two tracks will be two brand new tracks both in a different style than you’re used to from us. Something you’d probably hear if we took a time machine to the real 2095.”

‘2095’ will be released with an accompanying documentary DVD showcasing the albums recording process. Look for ‘2095’ Spring 2014.