Mike Posner “My Light”

Props to Mike Posner for the new video and song “My Light” — a refreshingly raw and transparent record that really reflects the true person, Mike Posner. He melodically tells his personal story of feeling lost, a lack of confidence, and then coming to the ultimate conclusion of wanting to share his life, his light through his songs and writing. For me, seeing his career progress, the lyrics of this song help piece together why there was such a long break between his first album and the upcoming project, Pages. It looks like there may have been a journey of self-growth that had to happen first and is now being reflected in Posner’s art.

The video drives home the lyrics in a very creative way, following Posner from an empty stage, through video shoots, and back to a stage with a sold out crowd. There are also some cool visual effects imposed on Posner himself for the chorus — appropriately balanced with the rest of the scenes and aesthetically cool too. Needless to say, I think you should check it out for yourselves above.

*Tibs Fav.