Nicki Minaj f/ Beyonce “Feeling Myself”

In the new video for “Feeling Myself”, Beyonce flaunts a Derrick Rose Bulls swimsuit. She’s #1.

EDIT: There were enough photos, both screencaps and official BTS pics, to make a gallery up above. Scroll below for a few good captions/memes.

I guess that’s the first thing that jumped out at me as a Bulls fan, but perhaps for you, it’ll be that Nicki and Bey are eating burgers together and showing off a fun, lighthearted side in the new visual.

Oh, but really the first thing that jumps out is that the video is exclusive to TIDAL, once again. They’ve been taking down the rips of the video, but I seen’t it before they did. EDIT: Got a new rip up below. It’s pretty fun seeing the two superstars do normal BFF things (like share Now & Laters, which was my favorite even though I prefer Jolly Ranchers.)

Below are a few more screens from the vid, a quick snippet, the official teaser, and those aforementioned memes.

The teaser: