RDGLDGRN Acoustic Set + Interview

I have a name, I have a race, and I have a place where I’m from. That doesn’t matter now…the first thing I am presenting to you is the fact that I’m this color every day.

– Green

Get to know our favorite hip hop rock fusion, RDGLDGRN, in this wonderful hybrid acoustic performance + interview via Baeble Music. Once again, we’ve been longtime supporters of the D.C. trio, last catching up with them when their tour hit Chicago a couple months ago. Their freshness begins with their names and appearance — they’re colors, after all. Then, when you sit with the music, there’s an infectious, happy energy about them and their sound, with the lyrics hitting home upon first listen due to their clean delivery. Simply press play and find out for yourselves as the video alternates from interview to performance with “Doing The Most” being the perfect first translation to an acoustic sound (plus, it was the band’s first time going acoustic with any of these songs from their debut, self-titled album… featuring contributions from Dave Grohl and Pharrell, if you’ve heard of them). Enjoy!