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RDGLDGRN f/ Method Man “Opera”

First off, it’s good to hear some new RDGLDGRN.

We’ve been following the DMV trio since they used to be called The Five One, if longtime readers recall, and between personally seeing them on a nationwide tour stop in Chicago and on the TV screen on Jimmy Kimmel in between, I’ll always be rooting for their success.

Well, you can chalk this one up to success.

The colors grab a hip hop legend who needs no introduction and bullies his way into the track with a fiery guest verse filled with slick alliteration and the content to match. In fact, both Meth and Green rap on the political tip so keep your ears peeled and the rewind button handy. I especially liked Green’s ending to his first verse and his entire concluding verse to wrap up the song as a whole.

Visually too, you see Green in this chameleon mask which matches the concept outlined from the jump. Then Meth joins the three on Channel 3 for his verse. Shoutout to Red and Gold too for holding it down on the production because the guitars go wild in the solos. I’m glad they let the instrumental breathe in between the raps that you really have to process.

Needless to say, this audio/visual package is a must-see and my favorite of all the new releases so far this week. Peep:

no one is illegal

*Tibs Fav.