S-Preme “Righteous”

“What’s a song if you can’t see it?” – S-Preme

When you have a warning prefacing the video, you know it’s going to be pretty crazy. The reason why it needs one: S-Preme‘s “Righteous” features a flurry of flashing cuts with a wide, bright color palette to match. Each of these visuals is typically layered with more graphics containing extra detail or deeper symbolism. And by the end of the 2.5 minutes, you’ll definitely be left feeling something as the video develops beautifully into one of the coolest and cohesive visuals to drop in 2014 (and recent memory beyond that), directed by Chicago’s own Rick Wayne.

It’s cohesiveness may take a couple of views to fully catch (and you’ll likely need a break between those viewings because of all the flash, ha!), so to help explain it, I asked S-Preme himself about the deeper meaning behind the video:

The first part is me vs. my experiences in the world, confusion and frustration with the “flaws” in society (power, sex, and money as forms of bondage) and the second part, which is actually in my head (the reason I don’t show up again), is me vs. me kind of trying to unlearn all that and reset to innocence.

The turning point between the two parts is the eyes, prior to the EDM breakdown by the track’s producer Mr. Music. Reading this explanation by ‘Preme gives the song another meaning — a general concept that I want from every music video, but one that’s so rarely executed nowadays. If you caught “Righteous” last week, you may not have expected that explanation, so run it back above and below for the full version that features ‘Preme’s second verse. With 17K plays in just one week, and now the badass visual to match, the Chicago artist has successfully kicked off the buildup to his upcoming full-length album. Release date: TBD, but rest assured there will be more raw previews from S-Preme to come. Stay tuned…