Saigon “Best Mistake” f/ G. Martin

It’s a nice day of new music videos as Saigon continues that trend with the new “Best Mistake” video featuring singer G. Martin. He takes it to the countryside in a sleek drop top convertible as G. Martin accompanies him in the passenger seat. The driving visuals are in contrast with a few scenes that bring some of the lyrics to life. Directed by Fabrizio Conte, this is a good video from beginning to end that ends with this powerful message from Saigon:

This song is for every parent who is in the position where they are forced to have to raise a child with someone they aren’t with… Always make it about the child no matter how you may feel about the co parent… You will learn to look past a lot of things if you make it about the child… Always and only DO what’s best for the child…

GSNT3 is due out February 11th.

*Tibs Fav.