Saih “Don’t Know”

The talent I have been able to showcase out of Arizona is coming together nicely.  8 months ago there was no content even regarding Arizona’s hip hop scene, now I have been able to show multiple artists, producers, and videographers.  Saih and Jake Osmun come together to present the official video for “Don’t Know”.  Mr. Osmun is originally from Arizona but now resides in Chicago creating material every day, watch out for more content by Jake.  “Don’t Know” is produced by Snareforce, and the beat is just crazy.  Its erie and gritty but just with this all around grimy sound to it, then Saih brings his unique flow and to go along with the beat, Saih has a slight slur when he spits and it adds so much more energy to the track.  The video its self goes just with the beat by editing and and the shots Jake Osmun used.  These two work very well together and come out with a  great product every time.  Be on the lookout for more from both of them, as well as Saih’s possible mixtape release date soon…